August 27, 2011 0

Wishing Koots a quick recovery!

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In a close knit climbing community, it’s not very often that someone gets hurt…bad!  You know, the finger tweak, a bum knee, some shoulder twangs and of course the lovely elbow tendonitis…nothing that a little rest and some rehab exercises will get you healed up fairly quickly.  Not this time, though, our good friend, John Kuphul, suffered a bad fall the other night.  At this point, we don’t have all the details and I’d rather not make any kind of proclamations.  It’s his story to tell…at GranitLife, we want to wish Koots and his family much love and support…and hope for a speedy recovery.  The man is built of steel, I’m sure he’ll be out there crushing in no time.

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