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Hurricane = “The Asylum”

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Enter at your own risk

On Saturday, everyone on the East Coast was battening down the hatches, buying up all the bread, water and eggs they could find, anticipating the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  According to the weathermen and news casters all around…it was going to pummel us…even NYC shut down all public transportation, buses, trains etc.

Well, what do we decide?  Basement session!! At the home of Aron and Tara Back awaits “The Asylum”…a super steep, 55 degree wall into a horizontal roof.  “If you don’t know how to toe hook, you won’t be able to do the problem”…sound familiar?  It’s true, though, the warm-up is probably a V5 and the problems just get harder from there, toe hooking is a major necessity.  Needless to say, we survived a different kind of pummeling that day.

After we all pretty much exhausted ourselves and started to make up some new stuff, I made the boys put on some of the new GranitLife shirts.  Enjoy the new threads…soon coming to our glife website for purchase.

This doesn't seem so bad!

AB, always makes it look easy


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