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Megan enjoying some dry rock

After a summer in England, Scotland, and Wales, I got a little taste of what the phrase “Hard Grit” really meant. Slopers, unchalked holds, and cold rainy days all equivalate to unknown territory for me. Becoming used to endless days at The Cliffs at Valhalla and projecting plastic, I made the transition to not only climbing outside, but actually using my rope and harness, which was collecting dust along with all the trad gear. I couldn’t choose which I enjoyed more, multi-pitch trad climbing in Wales or bouldering in England at Almscliff. Although we were rained out 3 of the 4 days we spent in Wales, we got one day to head to the crag and do some climbing. Once you get used to every other pitch being wet, Idwal Slabs was an unforgettable experience. When we returned to England we soon set out to find where the best places were to go bouldering.   Since most of what we had done required a rack and we were yet to use the crash pad we dragged all the way from the States. This happened to be Almscliff with its open fields filled with nothing but cows and boulders. The rock untouched by brushes and chalk equaled to fresh problems ready to be climbed. No wind and the sun slightly passing through the clouds made for a good day of climbing. Since I’ve returned home, I’ve had the time to look back at my trip and have come to realize its exposed me to a bigger world of climbing outside the local gym or our local spots. There’s so much climbing out there and as a climber I need to go back to the roots of the sport and charter those unknown territories for me.  ~Megan Copley 

A bit of sun for a day in England

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